The Great Shift

The end of Civil War II has left the United States broken and bleeding.  Two main territories have emerged: New Albion, a Utopian country created from Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, and The Confederacy, the former slave states prior to Civil War I.  As part of the ceasefire agreement, free passage between territories is guaranteed for one week beginning in July, 2023.   People are allowed to bring belongings, pets and family or friends on journeys that sometimes stretch thousands of miles.  The free, safe passage time is called The Great Shift.

Millions of people change places in a short amount of time.  Despite the ceasefire, major highways and freeways are bombed, trains are derailed and gasoline becomes impossible to find.  People are stranded, murder, theft and rape become common occurrences.

Two primary families attempt to make their way to freedom in New Albion.  The Bassett family travels west from Chicago and the Fernandez family journeys north from their home in Albuquerque to serve the new government in Boulder.

Both families’ futures are shaped forever by the Great Shift, leading to entwined histories that resonate across 30 years of storytelling.

The through stories begin with:

The Great Shift – the story of the Bassett, Fernandez and Patel families during the tumultuous dissolution of the United States.  Set in 2023 North America, it is a story of courage amidst crushing hardships during a time of political upheaval and chaos.

Evan’s Story – a climactic encounter in West Virginia sears into Evan Fernandez’ awareness, setting him onto a path of fierce advocate for war refugees and dedicated spymaster. Set in 2031, Evan is on his first patrol against Confederate forces.  His goal:  justice for the tragic loss of Joanna Fernandez and Emmie Patel, collateral damage during The Great Shift.

Tamara’s Escape – the story of Tamara O’Neal’s harrowing flight to freedom across 2,000 miles of Confederate territory.  Set in 2052, Tamara is taken in by Evan Fernandez, now parent to Mallory and Sean, and reunites with her cousin Peter Carrigan, an undercover agent for the Resistance in ConFed.